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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Rosewood Lane

There are badly made thrillers and then there are badly made thrillers. Rosewood Lane falls into any one of those 2 categories. Directed by Victor Sava (Jeepers Creepers / Rites of Passage), Rosewood Lane is a meek attempt at a serial killer / stalker brand of movie with all the predictabilities that you can imagine.

Dr. Sonny Blake (Rose McGowan) is a psychiatrist who has her own talk show at the local radio station.  Her relationship with her father isn’t one that dreams are made of thanks to her father being eligible to join the local AA.  So it comes as no surprise to her when she receives a call one night asking her to rush to Rosewood Lane, Stillwater – her father’s house.  Mr. Blake has fallen down the stairs and killed himself.

The days go by and after a lot of thought, Doc Sonny decides to move into her father’s place – first predictable part of the story.  Of course, the situation is quite eerie even now – predictable again.  And the next door neighbor who has one foot in the grave warns Sonny about the local paper boy who isn’t normal as per him – yawn.

To keep the mix alive, we have an ex-boyfriend who works in the DA’s office i.e. Barrett Tanner (Sonny Marinelli).  There is also Sonny’s boss / producer Paula Crenshaw (Lauren Vélez) who is also her good friend.  Add to that, the long drive back home that ensures that Sonny reaches home only around 1 am after her show gets done around midnight daily.

If you are still interested in what happens, feel free to tune into Rosewood Lane which is playing quite often on one of the Movie channels on Tata Sky.  If it weren’t for the high definition images that make viewing so much easier on the eye, Rosewood Lane would have been a total yawn fest from frame to frame.  Not that it isn’t one as of now but it is just easier to go through.

Thankfully it is not too long at 97 minutes and I am certain that the team cut out much more than they wanted to show.  Thankfully there isn’t much of unnecessary romance with the ex-boyfriend which could have made it into a sleaze fest.  That being said, the story doesn’t offer anything other than the regular stalker paper boy and dark basement scenes and women going alone into dark places. Just too boring.

The acting doesn’t offer much to look forward to either.  No one in the cast is really worth mentioning other than the stalker paper boy who seems eerie in bits and pieces.  There are some canine actors who are fantastic of course.  There is a decent twist at the very end if you have the patience to sit through. 4 on 10 – nothing worth wasting your time.

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