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Friday, 5 December 2014

Sulemani Keeda

The normal world would probably watch this one just out of curiosity.  A name like Sulemani Keeda will of course attract enough eyeballs.  Those who cannot control their curiosity would be subject to some reasonable fare.  Sulemani Keeda in one word is “quirky”.  Not path breaking cinema in any form but quirky.

People should watch it to encourage some good quality work from a bunch of young movie makers who need the support more than mainstream cinema.  To put you at ease, it is quirky alright but it is also entertaining because it speaks a language that you and I are used to in day to day life.

2 young screen writers from the Dally Vich i.e. Dulal Laal (Naveen Kasturia) and Mainak (Mayank Tewari) are struggling in the city that doesn’t sleep. Their movie is called – no points for guessing – Sulemani Keeda.  As per their admission it is a mix of LSD and Hukumat with shades of Dev D and the costumes will be like Gadar.

But their efforts with leading film makers fall flat.  Their potential savior appears in the form of Gonzo (Karan Mirchandani) s/o noted producer director Sweety Kapoor (Razak Khan). Gonzo wants our writer duo to “think out of the box” while he gives them an unhindered view of his family jewels.

Coming into the mix is Ruma (Aditi Vasudev), a lawyer who is on her way to the US to learn Photography in 3 days.  Now Dulal is a soppy romantic and falls for every girl he meets.  So Ruma turns out to be no different.  Mainak on the other hand is focused on relieving himself of his every horny situation – rather unsuccessfully.

Woven around these 3 characters is the story of Sulemani Keeda.  There are some other characters like Oona from Poona (Rukshana Tabassum) and of course Gonzo and Sweety that make Sulemani Keeda a decent watch.  Of course the performances of the lead cast help significantly.  Naveen Kasturia, Mayank Tewari and Aditi Vasudev are all super confident and natural.

But the highlight in terms of performances would have to be Karan Mirchandani.  Karan executes the role of Gonzo to perfection.  Sulemani Keeda also has a solid script that moves seamlessly more often than not.  But mind you it has been shot by a bunch of debutantes.  So you will have to be tolerant on that count.

6 on 10 for a movie that I missed last year at the Mumbai International Film Festival.  You can watch it on TV as well but as I always say – support the newbies.  Spend some money.  Watch it on the big screen.  Will help these guys and many more to follow.  Here’s to some quality Indian cinema.

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