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Friday, 19 June 2015

ABCD2 (Hindi) (2015)

ABCD 2 begins with a stunning display of Electron (a form of dance) by a dance troupe called Illuminati - a celebration of neon green, blue, yellow and pink that gets your excitement sky high. The adrenaline rush generated by Illuminati is matched but not exceeded by a troupe called J5 (a Michael Jackson tribute dance troupe) that performs to Psycho Re from ABCD 1.

All the excitement is about to come to naught with our heroes who take stage in a fictional dance competition called Hum Kisise Kam Nahin (HK2N). They complete their performance – one that matches Illuminati and J5 in intensity but not in novelty – only to be told by the judges that they have been disqualified because every step was apparently copied from an international troupe called Philippine All Stars.

Suresh (Varun Dhawan) is insulted off stage but is most upset with a comment from a senior judge who drags his mother, Padmashree Durga Devi (who died with her Ghungroos on), into her taunts. Some Sidhuisms (yes I am not joking) later, our heroes decide to redeem themselves by participating at the Pond’s Men’s Facewash World Star Hip Hop competition at Las Vegas.

Jokes aside, ABCD 2 scores heavily in terms of the dance performances that are available aplenty.  You are never more than 5 minutes of really bad dialogues away from an adrenaline rush on stage.  And if you are a fan of contemporary dance then there is no reason why you should not watch ABCD2.  If, however, you are looking for quality cinema then this is not the place to be.

The dialogues are almost awful with lines such as “Chalta Phirta Pushpak” and “Mere Kanpur mein hadtal hai” – both very cheap references to a deaf mute performer – failed to cut any ice.  There are more corny lines such as “Kaam hee meri Pooja hai, Pooja hee mera kaam hai” that distract you from the main course i.e. phenomenal dances.

Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor (I have a massive crush on her and anything I say will be coloured) are really good.  Shraddha adds another aspect to an already overflowing talent reservoir that she has.  I still cannot figure out why she decided to leave her biggest strength (read acting) out of the mix in ABCD2.  Varun Dhawan, however, more than compensates in that aspect. I think we have a future star here.

Vishnu Sir (Prabhu Deva) is of course in rocking form as always and proves beyond doubt that he doesn’t have joints anywhere in his anatomy.  The super talented (in terms of dance and of course hotness) Lauren Gottlieb adds to the entertainment.  The music is above average and you will be hearing a lot of it in the days to come at discotheques and dance competitions at inter-collegiate festivals in the near future.

A Ganapati Bappa song and a rendition of Vande Mataram cap off the predictable script. The insane level of energy compensates for the complete lack of sensuality in the dances (the makers had to be politically correct I guess).  Phone torches replace lighters in the crowd in this tribute to a real life dance troupe called FICTITIOUS (Suresh and Vernon).  6 on 10 because the dances were superb but still a distance from the likes of Step Up.

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