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Friday, 28 March 2014

O Teri

A CBI Assistant Commissioner who hasn't been given a car by his employees is ambling around on a desolate Delhi street in the middle of the night. It is coincidental that he is leading an investigation involving some leading government officials.

Who cares about security these days? He is shot and more importantly run over by a car at the same time. The post-mortem is of course fudged by people in power to eliminate any trace of the bullet. Convenient right?

Cut to – 2 reporters who are as depressing at their job as the aftermath of a natural disaster. Their version of breaking news is "Adrak Ganpati" (a piece of ginger that looks like Lord Ganesha). Of course their personal lives are in no way similar.

Even with the salary of a struggling reporter, one of them is smart enough to lie his way into the pants of a Russian Air Hostess. Let's not forget their late night parties in plush discotheques with half naked Caucasian babes.

Once these frivolous things have been dealt with, debutante director Umesh Bist proceeds to blatantly copy the 1983 Kundan Shah classic - Jaane Bhi Doh Yaaron. It takes about 25-30 minutes into the movie to realise it but the similarities are too obvious to miss.

The corrupt government officials, the even more corrupt media moghuls who are hand in glove with the politicians and when the bridge collapses at the interval, the issue is more or less settled. It only gets more obvious after the interval.

Unlike JBDY, O Teri has dialogue that is most slapstick. Like one line that the editor named Monsoon (Sarah Jane Dias) - yep u heard the name right - gives our 2 heroes PP (Pulkit Samrat) & AIDS (Bilal), "Tumhare show ki TRP mere chappal pe chipki hui chewing gum se Bhi kam hai".

Seriously??? I am still trying to figure out the corelation. I hope someone out there has an explanation. If you do, I suggest you buy the next available tickets for this work of art. Please don't send the explanation to me because I really don't care.

The fabulous pair of Nasseer Bhai and Ravi Vaswani are replaced by the incompetent pair of Pulkit Samrat and Bilal. Both these beefy boys can't move on the floor to save their life. The fault lies with the choreographer who should have given them steps that are in line with their capabilities.

Bhakti Bharve's powerful role has been given to a VJ / wannabe actress. The silly role played by Neena Gupta is replaced by a sphaghetti strapped Mandira Bedi (remember that it is her favourite attire).

The only fresh contribution from the hugely untalented director cum script writer cum editor cum whatever else required in the movie would be 2 new abuses - Chaman Chaputiye & Bhains Maand ka Loat puta.

There are some delectable variations of the same that are spoken about in the 100 odd minutes that you are tortured. The music is as depressing as the careers of these wannabe journalists. The humour and unnecessary sexual references just leave you with a bad after taste.

No fan of JBDY worth his salt should be put through this ridiculous piece of work that the makers are calling a movie. If not for any other reason, bodies like the censor board should do the needful to curb such blatant insult of movies that have achieved cult status in our lives.

If not done soon, there will be more people like Umesh Bist who will take advantage under the excuse of "Freedom of Speech". The least he could have done is acknowledge that this is copied from / inspired by JBDY. 0 on 10 for insulting one of the best movies that Indian cinema has ever seen.

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