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Saturday, 8 November 2014


The most difficult movies to review are the good ones.  That is the only excuse I can offer (and I will use this in the near future as well) for this late review of Interstellar.  The critic in you finds it extremely difficult to focus on the good in the movie and is constantly looking for what was missed out – inadvertently or otherwise.

I will begin with the aspects that I thought could have been better with Intersteallar (in my limited experience).  Interstellar is a slow movie.  Unlike Nolan’s previous 8 attempts which are reasonably paced (Prestige being the slowest and even that was quite pacy), Interstellar will demand a lot from the audience in terms of patience.  Only a director with a huge fan following like Nolan could have risked that.

The pace is definitely compensated with the immense attention to detail in every single frame.  Those who study cinema will find something magical in almost every scene.  Whether it is the dust on tables due the storms that the Earth finds itself in somewhere in the future or the absolutely thrilling handshake in the wormhole – the detailing is simply stunning.

The detailing is not restricted to the frames but extends seamlessly and generously into the script which will challenge even the Nolan fan.  Interstellar will demand every ounce of your attention because of the complexity associated with travelling through a worm hole. Something that even the seasoned Theoretical Physicists usually struggle with.  So keep your ears open.

Interstellar is also one of Nolan’s longest movies at 170 minutes (Dark Knight Rises at 165 was the previous holder of this distinction).  But, probably, not a single minute of the 170 is ill placed or without reason.  The last thing that I could probably find fault with would be the emotional chord that Nolan dabbles with – something that may not go well with fans.  I will not reveal much on that count and leave it to you to discover.

Those 4 points kept aside, Interstellar is yet another landmark movie in Hollywood.  It pays tribute to several space movies chief amongst them being that Kubrick masterpiece.  It challenges the viewer to understand the space time continuum.  It gives a self-confessed fanboy like me every reason to rejoice in the fact that cinema will not be bereft of fresh concept till Christopher Nolan is around.

Watch Interstellar with all the concentration that you can muster and you will have an awesome ride.  It isn’t a 3D movie but IMAX is a must (I will be watching again to experience that for certain).  That being said, shows are sold out till Sunday I am told.  8.5 on 10 – Debuts at #15 in the imdb top 250.  Don’t miss it!!!

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  1. Bang on KR! Watched the movie this afternoon with my folks and friends - and my daughter just happened to tag along. What a good thing that was coz it's a touching movie on the father-daughter-son relationship and has solid scientific content, enough action, humour, and suspense. What more could one ask for? Add the great Micheal Caine and good performances by all the actors - especially the child actors, then you've got your money's worth. At least I did!