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Friday, 28 November 2014


Rensil D’Silva’s latest and much awaited movie has been in the press for all the right reasons.  The right promotional bursts followed by a tinge of controversy thanks to the use of the much maligned middle finger.  Cutting the use of the dreaded finger twice got it a U/A certificate and a Friday morning reception that was slightly better than some big banner movies.

Ungli is a movie that gets several things right.  Firstly, the story is one that will appeal to the masses.  It conveniently tells them that the rest of the system is to blame and they are in no way responsible for the corruption that society is faced with.  Therefore, senior citizens who are made to run from pillar to post are not to blame for bribing the officials but it is the official who is to blame for asking for a bribe.

Similarly, megalomaniac politicians who put up posters of themselves are to blame but the people who elect and support them blindly aren’t.  RTO Officers who give our driver’s licenses like there is no tomorrow, are to blame but the people who bribe them because they don’t have the patience are as pure as a new born child.

Somewhere, I believe, that the objective is to ask people to stand up for what is right but I doubt it will have any impact simply because the movie puts the blame squarely on one party.  But then again, seasoned film makers who have subtly said that the audience needs to take responsibility have never succeeded in this hypocritical country.

Secondly, Rensil gets the casting right.  Each member of the cast is actually really good.  The ever reliable Randeep Hooda and the always under rated Emraan Hashmi call the shots for most of the time.  A haggard Sanjay Dutt inadvertently does his bit because his role probably demanded the look of someone that resembles someone who has just been released on bail for 2 days to complete his shoots.

I have always believed that Neha Dhupia is much more than just looks and she once again proves me right.  Both Neha and Kangana whose roles are extremely limited do a wonderful job of what is required of them.  Neha as the ambitious news reporter and Kangana as one of the Ungli gang members.

Overall, Ungli is an average flick that may not warrant a theatrical view but it definitely demands a dekko.  Watch it for the performances and a pretty decent storyline.  The other aspects that contribute to cinematic brilliance are better left unspoken about.  6 on 10.  Spare some time for it if you can.

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