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Friday, 26 July 2013


How many of us boys have had this fantasy in our school days that involved a sexy teacher? Anyone who would answer this question in the negative has to be a liar or has serious problems with you know what.  The bigger and more important question though is how many of those fantasies have actually turned into a reality or at least come close to it. Very few could probably claim that.

Sahil (Shivam Patil) would probably fall into that latter group.  All of 17 years of age, he studies in a school in Panchgani (Maharashtra) and is about to have the summer of his life.  He is currently in a relationship with a girl called Tia but as soon as Anita Joseph (Poonam Pandey) walks in as the sexy teacher, his relationship with Tia is conveniently proclaimed to be a casual one.
But what Sahil is unprepared for is that amongst that latter group, there are a few who also go a few steps further and start obsessing about the hot teacher.  Our hero is about to step into that world.  Of course he will face a significant challenge with the emotions that come in the way with the hot teacher’s boyfriend, peer pressure and of course his own “casual” relationship.
What is good about Nasha is the attempt to make cinema on a topic that is extremely real and equally controversial as well.  A topic that cannot be handled by too many people in this country.  Unfortunately Amit Saxena is part of that group who does not have the maturity or the skill to handle this topic.  What he gets right though is the story and some of the casting.
Poonam Pandey is probably apt for the role of the sexy teacher.  Surprisingly, she is not half as bad an actor.  One can only wonder why she has to resort to her over the top antics in life when she is as good looking and has reasonable talent as well.  Shivam Patil – our 17 year old hero is also good.  He manages to hold his own despite being in situations which would have made even the audience uncomfortable.
But unfortunately the list is only that big.  The number of gaffes and unreal things shown by Saxena is a cheap attempt to drag crowds in for the wrong reason.  Apparently in Panchgani, new teachers attend their first day at school in the shortest of skirts, go jogging in a sports bra with their assets spilling out and are ok with students arm wrestling with their boyfriends to earn the right to smoke.
The icing on the cake – and this makes me regret why my parents didn’t send me to Panchgani – is that these hot teachers dress in hot lingerie and invite you into their house, late in the night to polish a couple of bottles of wine.  Damn!!! Now you know what you have missed out??? Net impact – 4 on 10.  Watch only if you haven’t seen enough of Poonam Pandey’s cleavage till date.

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