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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Ramaiya Vastavaiya

I wonder what gave me the impression that Ramaiya Vastavaiya was to be the debut film of Chiranjeevi’s son – Ram Charan.  But that was the remake of Zanjeer.  With Ramaiya Vastavaiya, we are definitely in for a tight contest for the most disastrous debut of 2013.  Within a few seconds of Ram (Girish Kumar) entering the movie, you know that the only way he could be present in a movie is if his father has put in the money.

The complete, utter and total lack of any talent in Girish Kumar is what makes Ramiaya Vastavaiya an absolutely horrible way to spend 3 hours.  The presence of some huge names including the brilliant Nasser does little to lift the movie. Because not only is Girish Kumar given a lion’s share of the screen time, he has also successfully dragged these big names to levels of acting that they have never stooped to in their entire life.
The best actor in the cast – Nasser – is downgraded to the level of a mad beggar found on the streets of Mumbai.  Nasser Sir – was the money paid to you that good? Randhir Kapoor has always been the weakest link in the first family but even then one could expect him to carry off the role of a father reasonably well right? Not to be this time around.  And the story is identical for Poonam Dhillon.
I cannot say too much about the story either.  It is your run of the mill love story where rich boy meets poor girl at the wedding of poor girl’s best friend who is apparently loaded enough to buy out a third world country.  Louv happens.  But rich boy’s mother schemes along with her brother to throw out poor girl.  In the bargain they also insult poor girl’s brother and rubs his nose on the ground for good measure.
All of this happens in rich boy’s absence.  So when rich boy learns about it, he goes to poor girl’s village and seeks the poor girl’s brother’s pardon.  Poor girl’s brother now sees it as his turn to return the favour so he challenges rich boy to grow more grain from an acre of land than him.  Rich boy is also one crazy in louv fellow.  He accepts the challenge.
If by now you haven’t given up on the movie then you will enjoy the rest as well for certain.  But chances are that you would have choked yourself to death.  If not with the crappy storyline then definitely with the antics of Girish Kumar who is the worst thing that has happened to cinema since probably Himalaya (Bhagyashree of MPK fame’s husband).
To cut a long story short, you will see Ramaiya Vastavaiya only if you are a sucker for acute levels of punishment. When the high point of a movie is an item number that features the director and an ex Miss Sri Lanka Universe, your guess on the movie’s worth would be as good as mine.  Don’t bother yourself with a disappointing movie from Prabhudeva.  2 on 10.

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