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Thursday, 30 October 2014


So everyone around the Ouija (wee-juh / wee-jaa / wee-jee) board places their hands on the planchette ( Circle the board depending on the number of people at the board.  So 5 people would mean 5 circles.  Then say

As friends we gather, hearts are true
Spirits near, we call to you
If there is a presence here, please let us know

If the planchette moves to YES and if you are more excited about it then look through the “eye” around the room and wait to get blown off your pants.  In addition, there are certain rules that you need to follow when you are dealing with the spirit world.

  1. Never call them when you are alone (yeah right… as if we didn’t have enough problems already)
  2. Never play in a graveyard (You have got to be kidding me!!! First of all, get to a graveyard.  Next, you don’t PLAY with an Ouija board. You are asking for trouble anyways!!!)
  3. Always say goodbye (if I am alive at the end of it all – hell yes!!!)
If you are clear about all of this then you know what to expect with Ouija.  Debbie (Shelly Hennig / Claire Beale) and Laine (Olivia Cooke / Afra Tully) are the best of friends since they were 2 feet high.  They are now in high school. Over the past few days Debbie has been behaving strangely and before you know it, she is found hanging from the ceiling.

Of course, Laine and their group of friends have to investigate.  Their search leads them to an Ouija Board in Debbie’s closet.  No points for guessing that Debbie decided to experience Solo-Ouija.  No points for also guessing that Laine and gang is now going to get knocked off one by one but the spirit of a tortured girl who is known as DZ who goes about with her mouth stitched up.

Anyone with a reasonable level of intelligence will find Ouija quite predictable.  But what makes it a decent watch are the few scenes which creep upto you and say BOO!!! when you least expect it to do so.  The element of horror and the back story of DZ will definitely make you feel creepy.  Horror fans may not find it as scary but even for them it would be a decent watch.  5 on 10 is what I am going with.

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