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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Rabba Main Kya Karoon

There is a gentleman by the name of Amrit Sagar who is apparently a National Award winner for something to do with cinema in 1971.  I refuse to believe that he is the same person who has directed Rabba Main Kya Karoon.  There have been several gaffes at the National Awards for certain.  However, I am certain that the brains behind the awards could not have lost it to give anything to a director of Amrit’s caliber.

Rabba Main Kya Karoon is a mockery of cinema and I would be nice when I say that.  The only good part was the fact that I paid only 90 bucks for a late afternoon show at Big Cinemas R City for this movie.  Reminded me of the Channel V Bai saying, “Itna paisa mein itna ich milenga” (You get what you paid for).

There is nothing right about RMKK including the otherwise versatile and exceptionally talented Arshad Warsi.  Warsi is reduced to a level of scum of the earth both in terms of character as well as acting capabilities. Shravan (Warsi) is married for quite a while now but has been cheating on his wife (Riya Sen) for a majority of that period.  Not just that, he takes it upon himself to convert his brother Sahil (Akash Chopra) as well.

Now, Sahil is a one woman kind of man.  He has been totally in louv (love) with Sneha (Tahira Kochchar) since he saw her at a wedding at the tender age of 8 (Apparently something like that happens).  And whats more, he has asked Sneha to spend the rest of her life with him.  Whats the big deal about all of this? Both Sneha and Sahil have been saving each other for that special day. Or should I say night.

The rest of the movie is a continuous downhill trip.  There is absolutely no sense of direction.  Random statistics are thrown around and are expected to pass of as dialogue.  Like 74.3% of weddings which are supposedly fixed at another wedding or 75% of men cheat on their wives.  Then there is the beaten to death “Khulla Saand” (Raging Bull) mnemonic that is used ad nauseum.

Of course there are some 4 golden laws of being married which are equally boring.  YAWN.  Arshad Warsi has unfortunately found himself in the worst role of his life.  He is, more often than not, found in a state of desperation both as a character as well as an actor.  Do I need to say anything about the rest of the cast? And of course, we continuously screw it up on costumes.

Movies like RMKK are the reason I keep demanding a deeper involvement from the censor board.  Just because we have freedom of expression doesn’t mean that producers should be allowed to get away with really bad cinema.  1 on 10 for this disaster.

Watch the trailer on  Actually don’t even watch the trailer.  You may just pass out.

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