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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

White House Down

There are bad movies and there are bad movies.  And if that is not sufficient then there are even more horrible movies.  What gets to your nerves is when otherwise excellent directors such as Roland Emmerich suddenly decide to tell you that you were wrong about them all this while.

By the time I was done with the 2+ hours of White House Down, I was exhausted.  Not only because it was the 5th of as many movies released on the day, but also because I had to arduously go through a screenplay and story that was trite and sub-standard.  There is nothing that can explain to me as to why WHD survived over 3 weekends in this market.  Probably a reflection of our immensely capability to absorb crap as an audience.
To begin with, a movie that has a supposed World Class Director and an Oscar winner in the lead, there is little or no indication of the existence of direction or acting.  One cannot expect much from Channing Tatum even if he is given the plummest of roles but Jamie Foxx? What were you upto?
Lets look at the boring storyline.  Cale (Tatum) is part of a lower level security detail that covers the lesser mortals in the US Government.  In this case, the Speaker of the House.  He wants to join the secret service and appears for an interview.  He also has another goal – to impress his daughter Emily (Joey King).
The interview is unsuccessful but on their way out, Cale and Emily decide to join a bunch of people touring The White House.  It is at this moment that a group of extremists lay siege on what should be the most secure house in the whole wide world.  The siege is a success in a matter of a few minutes.
The rest of the story, predictably revolves around some dinkum about how one man who cannot qualify for the secret service, has enough in him to take down a bunch of professional hitmen who have just taken down the White House.  They have the highest of tech accessible to them but a flunkie is just too much!!!
A big chunk of the movie is mindless bombing and random machine guns firing all across the house of the leader of the free world.  There are some not so fascinating facts about secret passages and laundry chutes and ac ducts and god only knows what else because the movie lost me about 30 minutes in.
There are no dialogues worth recollecting.  The screenplay is tacky but with a story like this, there is not much that could have been done.  There could have been at least 30 minutes chopped from the end cut.  The music doesn’t give you any excitement.  In short, this one will lead for the Razzies this year for certain.  Probably across categories.  2 on 10.  Really bad. Don’t waste your time.

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