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Friday, 23 August 2013

Kick Ass 2

3 years back we saw Nicholas Cage playing the role of what I can only describe as “civilian superhero”.  Big Daddy passed on and left the mantle of protecting the city with his daughter Hit Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) and protégé (in a manner of speaking) – Kick Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson).  Well, the two have now gotten into their teens but the job of protecting the city has kind of taken a back seat.

Mindy Macready (Hit Girl) is forced to take a break from superhero work because Detective Marcus Williams (Morris Chestnut) reminds her of what her dad asked her to do.  Dave Lizewski (Kick Ass) was the first hero to go public but slowly realizes that this superhero business is really not up his alley.  Watch the first few seconds of the trailer to understand why

However, in the meantime, dark forces are coming together in the form of Red Mist who has now turned rogue after Kick Ass blew his father with a bazooka.  He wants blood.  And calls himself the Motherfucker – a supervillain.  And he has his team – Black Death, The Tumor, Genghis Carnage and Mother Russia.  The good guys also have formed a team led by Colonel Stars & Stripes (Jim Carey). This is a fight to the finish.

What do I love about the Kick Ass series? It is a no holds barred laugh and action riot.  At no time have the makers made any promises of anything that is going to define cinema.  They have promised a mindless action comedy and they have delivered what they have promised.  So if you liked Kick Ass 1 then you will love Kick Ass 2 especially because it has been cleared without cuts – so the profanity flows like the Amazon.

One may think that a mindless action flick doesn’t need acting talent but then they would be wrong.  Most of the cast – albeit teenagers – are really solid actors. I think Chloë Grace Moretz is a star in the making.  She doesn’t have much to show for herself today but her confidence on screen has always amazed me.  Watch out for Jim Carey in the role of Colonel Stars & Stripes.  Took me a minute to figure out it was Carey.  Well done.

The only low point of Kick Ass was the sequence where Mindy uses her father’s gift to her – a stun gun that causes instant nausea and violent diarrhoea.  I was totally grossed out. But somewhere – and inexplicably so – there is a market for even this.  But for this sequence, Kick Ass 2 would have been at least half a notch higher.  6 on 10.  Definitely worth watching.

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