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Wednesday, 7 August 2013


The Snail is fast
The Snail is fast
The Snail is fast, fast, fast, fast, fast
Just one of the songs created exclusively to promote Turbo the superfast snail

Theo (Ryan Reynolds) is a bottom of the food chain entity (read Garden Snail) who lives in a tomato patch along with his brother Chet (Paul Giamatti) and a whole host of other low lifes.  Their day revolves around collecting grub for a rainy day – in their case, tomatoes – red and ripe ones.
Theo, however, believes that he is destined for far greater things.  He harbours a secret passion for living life in the fast lane.  He has his own small TV set in the garage next door and his idol is Guy Gagné (Bill Hader).  Gagné is the reigning champion of the Indy 500. Theo’s only dream is to be fast.
Little does he know that his dreams are about to be answered when after a spat with the snail leader, he crawls out to the main road only to be sucked into the supercharger of a drag racer.  That gets him metamorphosed into a high speed snail which he realizes on his return to the garden patch and eventually puts to use by becoming the first snail to race in the Indy 500 – pit crew and all.
Turbo is a simple story of hope.  One that has a direct message to those who believe they are down trodden to dream – and dream big.  It is only when you dream that you can have a sense of direction.  If you choose not to, you will only land up being an “also ran”.  Turbo opens up the world of immense possibilities if you want your dreams to come true and are willing to work towards it.  Sometimes luck chips in to push you through.
To me, Turbo is the animation movie of the year to date.  The quality of animation is superb.  The dialogues are simply superb combining the corny (We put the nail in snail) variety with the serious (“What will you do if you lose your powers” asks someone. In reply Turbo says, “Well I better make the most of today then”)
Each character is carefully etched out and has a purpose in the larger scheme of things.  The editing is crisp with nothing unnecessary being shown.  The truck loads of effort put in, to make this dream into a reality show in each frame.  Kids and adults alike should enjoy this challenge that Dreamworks has thrown to Disney.  Match this they say.  Disney has a tough challenge ahead.  On your marks, Get Set, Turbo!!!! 8 on 10.
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